Monday’s Verse 7/17/2017

Dear readers, brothers, sisters, friends, co-editors,

Thanks for the nice birthday wishes and especially the memories — yours are better than mine!* Great way to begin celebrating our 20th year. Hats off to alert reader Sean O’Brien of South Bend, who pointed me to today’s piece. I know not a darned thing about the poet, whose name is an anagram of "boilin’ BS rant." Which is not to say Brian Bilston spews falsity; on the contrary, he’s the "Poet Laureate of Twitter," according to something I read posted somewhere on the internet. Here’s hoping he has a name alert for Twitter and re-tweets, replies, or comments, so that we can at least add a DOB and country of origin to the above biography. All I can say for sure is that he has a 2016 collection of poems for sale, and it’s a first book according to the bookseller’s blurb. This one’s a lot of fun (as is his Venn diagram poem), and I hope you enjoy it. -ed.

*What I mean is, because I am old and forgetful, you have a better memory than I do. I’m sure our actual memories — that is, our remembrances of things past — are equally awesome!


When life gives me lemons, I see melons;
it sometimes makes me solemn, too.
Because when a word bores me sober,
and starts to wane, I shake it up anew.

I’m alerted to how words are related,
how, when altered, they might enmesh;
shuffling letters like a pack of cards,
then dealing them out, aligned afresh.

Faced with a poser and on the ropes,
I’ll make a poem from its prose.
An education to be cautioned against
but it’s character building, I suppose.

A gory orgy of words put to the sword:
these are the traits the artist understands,
largely, and in whose gallery
the Ars Magna of anagrams stands.



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