Monday’s Verse 01/30/2017

Dear readers,

What did you do this weekend? I spent some time thinking about that old game we used to play, that old contingent-historical game, that old science-fiction game, that old choose-your-own adventure game. The game where you read about, or watch, or hear about an episode from history, a bad episode, an episode the morality of which seems remarkably clear, from a distance. And you say, I wonder what I would do if I were in that situation?

What are you doing right now? That is precisely what you would do if you were in that situation.

Here’s Juan Felipe Herrera (b. 1948), one of Barack Obama’s poet laureate picks, from a book of poems given to me by MV member and Samoan roommate Scott Liebertz. Thanks, Scott! And thanks Mr. Herrera, for keeping it real. -ed.


Because they are burning down posters advertising churros on sale at Wal-Mart
Because they are busy banning Spanish from public plazas and people’s places
Becaue their pockets are still lined with old right-wing lobby nickel
Because they are chained to their property in Rancho Mirage
Because their property is really our property in Rancho Mirage
Because jumping reminds them of crossing La Border
Because their shoes got shined in Tijuana on Avenida Revolución
Because they are kneeling down praying for things to stay the same
Because getting way too high is not the proper way of doing business
Because they are staying low searching for WMDs
Because they are waiting for instructions from Lou Dobbs
Because Lou Dobbs can’t jump
Because they are chasing La Migra to speed things up a bit
Because they are chasing La Policía to speed things up a bit
Because they are hanging out with developers building another super-max prison
Because Dolores Huerta didn’t hand them a towel
Because wearing Tommy Hilfiger loafers & Perry Ellis bathrobes drags you down
Because the word change can easily turn into a chinga
Because they are carrying the red states by a hair
Because the word Republican comes from the word Republicant
Because whenever they look up they see an alien about to land on them



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