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Monday’s Verse 10/31/2016

Happy Halloween!

Monday’s Verse is now coming at you from its permanent home in Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanks for standing by during some moves, vacations, busy periods, absences, and internet blackouts over the past couple months.

My time away afforded me the opportunity to catch up in person with so many of you! In the coming weeks, I’ll take a little virtual tour of the country with reference to some of our long-time contributors.

Starting with ADAM SLEPER, member since 2000 or so, currently of Chicago, IL. I forgot to get a pic, so Adam… maybe you’ll be bold enough to throw one up here in reply to the poem. Adam is now currently pursuing writing almost full-time — in fact when we met he was getting ready for a screenwriters’ workshop in L.A.

He and I met studying Irish and English in Boston, so let’s run some William Butler Yeats ("Will be utterly as I am"), shall we? Did you know that WB Yeats visited Chicago, 3 times? Indeed he did. And Poetry magazine, headquartered there, published the following poem in its May 1914 edition. Here Yeats speaks of the mythologies he wove into his heterodox system of artistic and spiritual beliefs. Appropriate for Halloween, a poet who believes in spooks, and an acknowledgement that we all need to wear coats now… save those of us bold enough to go naked. -ed.


I made my song a coat

Covered with embroideries

Out of old mythologies

From heel to throat;

But the fools caught it,

Wore it in the world’s eyes

As though they’d wrought it.

Song, let them take it

For there’s more enterprise

In walking naked.