Monday’s Verse 4-11-2016

I don’t know who Declan Mollow is, I don’t know when he was born, I don’t know where this was published, I don’t know when it was written… I only know that this week’s MV comes with a photo illustration. ~mjl


Woman waiting for the Dublin bus
A traveller on the village bench
Alabaster legs making lazy tee’s
Occasionally you will stand furious
While waiting, brushing invisible
nuisance from aching knees
Looking at the busy street,
where asphalt and the untroubled meet
You watch the wind pause
before chicaning around a beech tree
Watching a paper bag dance on
invisible string, lost
Watching the dog tick brightly along,
It’s kissing the road
Like a mother searching for a child
already gone
Where are you going
Where are you going

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