June 27, 2005: POEM FOR BOB (June Jordan)

OK, so I actually met a guy named Bob this weekend, and he actually works
at a garage. But the thing is, I was only looking up June Jordan cuz I
couldn’t think of what to run today, and June’s a nice month (easily one
of the top 6 of the year), so I went with that for inspiration. Only upon
fishing around for info on her did I realize that she died in 2002! Born
in 1936 in Harlem, though, she taught at Stony Brook and Berkely and was
an important voice, particularly, though not only, for other
African-American women writers. As Alice Walker said of her, "Jordan
makes us think of Akhmatova, of Neruda. She is among the bravest of us,
the most outraged. She feels for all. She is the universal poet."

Try reading this one aloud; it’ll kick your assonance.


Protected by a .357
Magnum out of sight
the sign says,
"Ken’s Garage"
and right around the gas
ten tomato plants loll
inside a vine confinement
wire tent that’s set
to let them
and mime the latitude
of flowers wild
to fly

Today they’re green
(Or what about them can be seen)

just like your tee shirt
putting on all passers by
stretched across your muscled
but really
you can fix
whatever’s broken



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