Apr. 25, 2005: Ted Kooser’s intro and BESSIE DREAMING BEAR (Marnie Walsh)

A few weeks ago I asked whether Ted Kooser was good. No one wanted to
answer. Well, one thing is now painfully clear: He’s a damn plagiarizer.
According to a GLOBE op-ed, the new poet laureate has come up with a
brilliant idea to publicize the purview of his post: Publish a weekly
poetry column. A weekly poetry column! What kind of lame-brained…well,
you get the idea. According to the Globe,

"Kooser’s columns reveal the power of even a few words on the page. He
offers a healthy dose of instant literature: it’s fast, vivid, and able,
with any luck, to make readers hungry, prompting them to use the Internet
to search for more information about the poets and their work, diggin up
bits of biography and other things to read."

Ladies and gentlemen, please vote for me for the next Poet Laureate of the
United States of America. Here is Kooser’s latest column.


A poem need not go on at great length to accomplish the work of conveying
something meaningful to its readers. In the following poem by the late
Marnie Walsh, just a few words, written as if they’d been recorded in
exactly the manner in which they’d been spoken, tell us not only about
the missing woman in the red high heels, but a little something about
the speaker as well.

Rosebud, So. Dak., 1960

we all went to town one day
went to a store
bought you new shoes
red high heels

ain’t seen you since.


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