Dec. 10, 2001: Londonderry

Dear Readers,

Today's poem is by Breanna Byecroft. I don't know a thing about Breanna
Byecroft except that she is a freshman at Boston College. So we can assume
she was born in about 1983. I found this poem in the BC undergraduate fine
arts journal, STYLUS, and I liked it. It reminds me a lot of a scene from
Seamus Deane's READING IN THE DARK, so now I'm thinking either she read
that book too, or the scene in the book was based on a historical event.
Enjoy, and mourn your lost youth.	-mjl


I saw you twenty feet up
Strapped to the iron girder
When the distillery caught fire
Your machine gun blazed away
At the police below
Echoes ricocheted
Bullets sprayed
As from a hose with a filter nozzle.
You were a target
Silhouetted by fire
Hit 20 or 30 times
Your figure stood there
Drooped on the girder
When the flames shone on your blood-soaked front
The Scared Heart of Jesus
Breast pierced open
Emblazoned with dripping blood
They always said you were a wild one.
I saw you and her with the red hair
Dancing and drinking atop the table
Wild, fierce, Devil-may-care
A flaw in the air.
I longed for you,
Your Celtic song
I thought you'd live for Ireland
I was wrong.


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