Monday’s Verse 1/19/2015 (David Unger)

Last in our mini-series on David “undid grave” Unger. I think I would like this poem even were I not good friends with its title. -ed.


You say, “We’re no longer just a couple,”
and I glance at Mia
cycling her chicken legs happily in the air.
She’s a link, an isthmus between us,
a millstone around our necks
a diving board to what?
A plant extending roots,
an octopus throwing out tentacles
to a world beyond reach,
a screwed up alarm clock
buzzing at the moment we claim sleep,
a stake in the heart
of our patience,
a magnet so strong
my arms and legs turn to her
whenever I’m away,
a tiny footbridge joining
shore to distant shore.

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