Dec. 29, 2014: CORRESPONDENCE (Lucia Harvilchuck)

This week I am taking over Monday’s Verse in honor of long-time member Lucia Harvilchuck. Lucia passed away on Saturday after battling cancer for almost twenty years. I have left Lucia on the list this week. She deserves an MV sendoff to the Great Beyond. She was my teacher, mentor, colleague and friend. Lucia was also so close to several MV members including Susie Cohan, Maria Ray Goodspeed, Lauren Richey and Jeremiah Hakundy. The kindness she bestowed on us will never be forgotten. She used hers words to mend us when we were hurt and exalt us when we excelled. We felt like gods in her presence. She encouraged us with a fury and force that will make us smile forever. This week’s poem is by Lucia and is one of the last ones she sent me. It seems apropos for us all–lovers of poetry. [Sara Cohan] Correspondence by Lucia Harvilchuck Another letter to your world To try to answer you, That had I never read your poems, I’m not sure what I’d do. I know I’d never understand That poems might be so brief Nor that so little on a page Could represent such grief And also joy to lift one up Beyond a given day’s Rough, unrelenting waters And turbulent, dark ways; That poems could be a travel log, A ticket round the world Without a single, high-brow word To make a forehead burled. I never might have seen enough To see what I could see: Your microscopic eye as guide Has surely rescued me From worshipping the grandiose, From snideness for the small, And clarified the courtesy Within the poet’s call. I wonder from the Tippler’s flight Down to the Robin’s fall, If you had never written us, Would I have writ at all?

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