Nov 5, 2012 Allegories

Hands in the air for all the Oberlin College and University of Iowa grads! Lia Purpura, today’s featured writer, is both. And apparently teaches just down the road from me at a small college in Baltimore. What kind of poems does she write? I don’t know. I don’t know anything about her. But I read this about a month ago and it knocked me out. I’ll leave the discussing to you all. Now get out there and vote! And then come back and analyze poetry, online. -ed.


That crag, in its hunching,
suggests a shawl
under which we can slip
our burdens, since
we alone among creatures
bestow likenesses
for assurance
we really exist,
and name boulders and peaks
Widow’s this, Widow’s that,
so others might navigate
by the forms
of our grief.

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