St. Patrick’s Day smart aleck, 2012 The Beatles

Dear readers,

please follow the chain-of-connections here as we close out our curricular section on poetic smart-alecks with shout-outs to 2 long-time Monday’s Verse favorites. First a tip of the keyboard to founding member Sara Cohan, for being quoted in a news story last week claiming that–I swear I am not making this up–she and her organization “look forward to continuing to work with all the Kardashians in ending the cycle of genocide worldwide.” Yes, those Kardashians. For more see:

A more smart-alecky comment has never been made, and she said it with a straight face (Sara claims the soundbite was ghost-written, but if so it was the ghost of Oscar Wilde).
Hey speaking of funny Irish guys, Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day and I feel like I sold Mr. Paul Muldoon somewhat short with his 2-line contribution to our smart-aleck reading list. So here’s a slightly more filled-out piece by him, from his 1998 collection Hay. He’s been more smart-alecky in tone elsewhere; here he’s reserving a mischievous grin for the stuttering forced rhyme (it’s from a series of short poems called “Sleeve Notes”) and the too-clever, show-offy latin play on words. But before you read the poem, if you have time, please see the video below, which could be the most smart-assed literary effort of all time. Classic Muldoon:
All in all, it’s a rather overwhelming expanse of wiseacreage for one day, and thus a fitting conclusion to a good run. We are now open to suggestions for our next reading theme. -ed.

THE BEATLES: The Beatles


Though that was the winter when late each night
I’d put away Cicero or Caesar
and pour new milk into an old saucer
for the hedgehog which, when it showed up right

on cue, would set its nose down like that flight
back from the U.S. … back from the, yes sir, …
back from the … back from the U.S.S.R. …
I’d never noticed the play on “album” and “white.”

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