Jan 16, 2012 Hi-Ku

Dear readers,
This edition concludes our 8-week exploration of formal verse, and commences our inquiry into the smartasses of modern poetry. I remember an old poetry professor telling us, in about November, that we’d “reached the smartass section of the syllabus,” meaning the final weeks’ reading was primarily Paul Muldoon and Paul Durcan–both of whom are likely to make repeat appearances in this forum muy pronto. But this week we feature the experimental verse of an little-known non-professional poet from Indianapolis. Brian Bigelow was born in 1972, and by non-professional, I only mean he’s never been paid to write or teach poetry. In his real life, he’s a heart surgeon. But note the way he sticks faithfully to the traditional Japanese form here, while simultaneously blowing it up, in a poem titled “Hi-ku.” Enjoy. -ed.
Hi hi hi hi hi
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
hi hi hi hi hi

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