Monday’s Verse, Dec. 8, 2008

Greetings, poetry lovers. Or toleraters.

You know, it’s so fun when we really get down to business and tussle with the workings of a poem, debate over diction and meanings, uncover a new use for old poetic devices. But, I mean, I can’t blame anybody for not wanting to parse Milton of a Monday afternoon. That said, we’re all learning!

I was too busy yesterday to send anything on time, and too busy today to provide any sort of piercing commentary, but I did find an interdisciplinary way to present today’s piece. I found myself listening to Gil Scott-Heron for the first time in ages this morning, and given what I recently read in the paper, found myself stuck on “Pieces of a Man.” Lotta people are being laid off right now, and I’m afraid a lot more are going to be right into 2009. Think about it. Here’s a transcription of the lyrics, a news article, and the song itself. [Note: I tried to upload this file and I’m having issues.]

Be well. -ed.


Jagged jigsaw pieces
Tossed about the room
I saw my grandma sweeping
With her old straw broom
But she didn’t what she was doing
She could hardly understand
That she was really sweeping up..
Pieces of a man

I saw my daddy greet the mailman
And I heard the mailman say
“Now don’t you take this letter to heart now Jimmy
Cause they’ve laid off nine others today”
But he didn’t know what he was saying
He could hardly understand
That he was only talking to
Pieces of a man

I saw the thunder and heard the lightning!
And felt the burden of his shame
And for some unknown reason
He never turned my way

Pieces of that letter
Were tossed about that room
And now I hear the sound of sirens
Come knifing through the gloom
But they don’t know what they are doing
They could hardly understand
That they’re only arresting
Pieces of a man

I saw him go to pieces
I saw him go to pieces
He was always such a good man
He was always such a strong man
Yeah, I saw him go to pieces
I saw him go to pieces


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