Monday’s Verse, Mar. 24, 2008

Well, apparently it’s spring. But I live on the East Coast so I’m only going on rumor and innuendo here. I think our spring is tentatively scheduled for the early afternoon of Wednesday, May 7th.

So it’s the Monday morning after my spring break, and since I’ve been totally crapping up the joint at law school thus far this semester, I’ve decided to start this week with a CLEAN SLATE. And with that vain hope I offer you this poem which is as optimistic about change as I hope to be one day.
Each morning I worked up spit
Aimed at my slate and wiped
Shirttail from corner to corner
Each day was a clean start
Born again and born big-so

As grown-ups loved to say

The day before disappeared
Somewhere between
My saliva and Terylene shirt

The new day promised
Something hitherto not
Seen or guessed about

A cobweb not there
The previous twenty-four hours
That overnight dew reveals

“A” for aubergine
Known to us as balanjay
“B” for bat for playing cricket

Until I filled the slate
With slant text my left hand
Told my right-side brain was new

Coins on the sea pressed by light
This morning sky wiped of stars
Chalk off my shirt climbing sun

Fred D’Aguiar – 2008

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