Monthly Archives: October 2005

Monday’s Verse 10-24-05

A much-anticipated hello from MV headquarters in sunny Cambridge.

In addition to not having much editing time of late, I just haven’t been
thinking much about poetry at all. Thankfully ever-astute (if somewhat
recent) reader and distant Lamberti cousin Joey Coleman, of Washington,
has provided us with some appropriate lines for this week. He
apparently heard this Octavio Paz (whose name in Spanish means “peaceful
octopus”) poem set to music by a well-known choral group, Chanticleer
(whose name in French means “perturbed rooster”).


A Boy and a Girl

Stretched out on the grass
A boy and a girl
Savoring their oranges
Giving their kisses
As the waves exchange foam

Stretched out on the beach
A boy and a girl
Savoring their limes
Giving their kisses
Like clouds exchanging foam

Stretched out underground
A boy and a girl
Saying nothing
Never kissing
Giving silence for silence